Fountain Hills AZ Tea Party endorses the principles of smaller, Constitutionally-limited government, fiscal responsibility, and free markets.  We support candidates and organizations that share these goals.  We provide information, perspective, and resources to our members to assist them in making their own personal, informed decisions.

​​Upcoming Events

Medical Freedom Rally

Every Saturday - 1 PM - 2 PM

SW corner 90th Street

& Shea Blvd.


Christmas Day

Saturday, December 25

Monthly Meeting

​Thursday, January 21

​​​​​​​​Monthly Meetings are currently held at 

American Legion Post 58

at 16837 E. Parkview in Fountain Hills.


Membership donation is still only $12 per person per year.

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Mail your check to PO Box 19630, Fountain Hills, AZ 85269

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Signing of the Constitution - September 17, 1787

​​​​​ SATURDAYS AT 1:00 PM



1:00 pm - 2:00 PM

SW CORNER of 90th Street & Shea

 Show others that you love freedom

and that they're not alone!

Reject government mandates!

Invite a neighbor, bring a friend.


Thursday, January 21 @ 6:30 PM

American Legion Post 58

16837 E. Parkview Ave.




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Benjamin Franklin

"A republic, if you can keep it."





Ask yourself

  • Is government too big? 

  • Do you support the Constitution?  

  • Do you support free market economics? 
  • Are you taxed enough already? 
  • Do you care about our future?

  • If you answered "YES" you CAN do something! 

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The Fight for Liberty

Through the history of our great country, there have been victories and losses, successes and setbacks,

but patriotic Americans have persevered,

often against overwhelming odds.
The Obama presidency "
transformed America" at the expense of liberty and the Constitution.

In November 2016,

America rejected Hillary Clinton and another four years

of destructive policies and actions.

We elected Donald Trump as the 45th President of the United States.  President Trump (unlike many politicians) kept his promises, lowered taxes, eliminated excessive regulations, appointed judges who understand their proper Constitutional role, restored respect for the U.S. in the world, recognized the Constitution as the rightful guide for government, and truly succeeded to "Make America Great Again."

The Trump administration faced constant resistance, personal attacks, and challenges on almost every action, with patently ridiculous and unsubstantiated claims, some of which were produced by liberal activist judges. 

Some politicians and their mainstream media allies

claim that "democratic socialism" is the answer.

Problem: Socialism hasn't worked and doesn't work!  

It is just a strategy to establish bigger government and take power away from "we, the people."

Consistent with American history and tradition,

as patriotic Americans and members of the

tea party movement, we must continue to boldly

defend what we believe.  

We must demand that our elected representatives serve us and the Constitution, rather than their personal interests and desires for re-election.

We must work tirelessly to promote our principles and always seek the truth.
We must strive to enlighten the uninformed
and motivate the uninterested. 
By the grace of Divine Providence, we live in the miracle which is America, with Constitutional principles

and God-given rights

The November 2020 election was a test and, sadly, 

evidence exists that election integrity was violated and

the will of some to protect it was weak. 

The challenge remains for us to never give up, and to always fight to defend our freedom and preserve a government of

"We, the people" despite the setbacks & challenges.